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Maine Coon Vs Ragdoll: Which Cat Breed is Perfect For You

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maine coon vs ragdoll

Are you looking to adopt a giant cat? If so, you may have shortlisted the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll. Both of these cat breeds are known for their large size, but they have different personalities and appearances. If you’re looking for a friendly and cuddly pet with a thick coat of fur, then the Maine coon is probably your best bet. But if you prefer a thin coat and a slightly smaller cat, then the Ragdoll may be better suited to your needs.

So Maine Coon vs Ragdoll – which cat breed is right for you? In this post, we’ll compare these two popular breeds and help you decide which one is perfect for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


So where did Maine Coon Cats originate from? Some legends say that the Maine Coon is a cross between a cat and a raccoon, but that has been disproven. What we do know is that the Maine Coon is a native American long-haired cat that was first recognized as a breed in Maine, where it is named the official cat of the state. Maine Coon cats have established a reputation for being hearty, hardy pets that are suited to the harsh winters and varied seasons of the Northeast. And were great hunters too.

In contrast, the docile-loving Ragdoll was developed fairly recently. The first Ragdolls were bred in the 1960s by Ann Baker in Riverside California. The Ragdoll breed was founded almost entirely of free-roaming cats. Ann bred Josephine, a domestic longhaired white female who was found running wild in her neighborhood, with other cats she owned or discovered. The disposition characteristics of this female’s offspring were particularly endearing. By selecting individuals with the look, temperament, and criteria she wanted for her breeding program, Ann created the Ragdoll breed.


Ragdolls and Maine Coons have very similar personalities. They both act like puppies! They are intelligent, playful, and thrive on connecting with their human families. Docile, gentle, and sweet. They are both great for small children and making friends with other pets in the household. Like dogs, Maine Coon and Ragdoll cats will greet you at the door when you come home.

Ragdoll cats will come across as a little needier than a Maine Coon Cat. They will try to sit on your lap. Ask to be held. Look for a cuddle session. Or sleep next to you while you work. Most Maine Coons, on the other hand, really enjoy being close to you, but prefer to keep their distance. As a result, they will be next to you, but not on your lap.


In terms of appearance, Maine Coon Cats come in 75 different color combinations. Just for pattern alone, it could be Solid, Bi-color, Tabby, Smoke, Shaded, and more. Then throw in the colors like white, black, brown, grey, blue, and cream, and the combinations are endless! Shaded silver and gold are two of the rarest Maine Coon color combinations. The color looks gorgeous but because of its rarity, it is quite expensive.

Ragdoll Cats on the other hand have gorgeous blue eyes and come in four main patterns: bicolor, van, mitted, and colorpoint. These patterns also appear in six major colors: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream. Every ragdoll kitten is born completely white, and their color becomes more apparent between 8 and 12 weeks. One last difference is that Maine Coons have strong rectangular jaws, while Ragdolls have gently rounded ones.


A Maine Coon has medium to long hair, with a thick undercoat and a lighter outer coat. They can have a shaggy, unkempt appearance, especially if their fur is wavy. On the other hand, a Ragdoll has a semi-long coat that is plush and silky with little to no undercoat. Another cool feature of a Maine Coon’s coat is its water resistance. This enables the cat to trudge through snow or even swim across water comfortably. How cool is that!


Both Maine Coon and Ragdoll cats are known as gentle giants. That is because they are huge friendly cats! Maine Coon males typically weigh between 15-25 pounds, while females weigh between 10-15 pounds. Ragdolls on the other hand are a little smaller. Ragdoll males weigh between 15-20 pounds and females weigh 10-15 pounds. This makes Maine Coon males the ones with the largest potential in weight.

Maine Coons are significantly taller, ranging from 10 to 16 inches in height, as opposed to 9 to 11 inches for Ragdolls. Both breeds are usually between 35 and 40 inches long lengthwise.

Life expectancy

Ragdoll cats live for a very long time. On average the lifespan of a ragdoll cat is 15-20 years old. Mainecoon Cats live on average 12-15 years old. Owners can improve the lifespan of cats by feeding them a high-quality raw meat diet, providing their cats with some activities such as toys, neutering, and spaying cat, and utilizing the best medical care.

Breed-Specific Diseases

Unfortunately, both Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats have breed-specific diseases to watch out for. They include Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM, the most prevalent cardiac problem in cats. Cardiac death can happen suddenly due to heart malformations in affected cats. The heart walls thicken, reducing efficiency and causing problems in other areas of the body.

In Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats the condition is inherited due to breed-specific mutations. To reduce the chances of having HCM, reputable breeders test the parents for the HCM mutation and remove affected cats from the breeding pool.

The hip joints are held together by the hip ligaments, which become loose over time. The femur is dislodged from the hip joint as a result of this. This is common in large-sized cats, but Maine Coon Cats are more susceptible to it.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is another hereditary disease, which causes the development of small benign cysts on the cat’s kidneys. While this isn’t necessarily a deadly condition, it can put a tremendous amount of strain on the cat’s kidneys. The disease is more common in Maine Coon Cats. This can be diagnosed with a simple ultrasound or a genetic test. To reduce the chances of having PKD, reputable breeders test the parents for the PKD mutation and remove affected cats from the breeding pool.


A purebred Ragdoll and Maine Coon Cat is not cheap. Due to the high demand for pets during the pandemic prices have gone up. In the US Ragdoll kittens from a reputable breeder registered with the TICA can cost from $1800 to $4,000 depending on the quality and pattern of the cat. A show-quality cat usually costs more than a pet-quality cat. While Maine Coon kittens from a reputable breeder range from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the color and pattern. Costs can also increase in the high cost of living areas like Los Angeles or New York.

Final Thoughts

Familiarizing yourself with the Ragdoll and Maine Coon breed is a very important step in buyer protection. Breeding Ragdoll and Mainecoon cats responsibly and ethically require time and money. So err on the side of caution when the price of a kitten is too low. Avoid backyard breeders as they can sell you a sick cat. We hope you got to know the similarities and differences between the Maine Coon and Ragdoll breeds. If you thought this article was helpful, please comment down below on which breed you prefer after this comparison, Maine Coon vs Ragdoll.

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