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Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat: How To Identify Them

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maine coon vs siberian cat

Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat – There are many common misconceptions about these two feline species. Some people believe that because the Maine Coon is a big cat, it must be the Siberian Cat. The truth is that the Maine Coon and the Siberian Cat are very different in their appearance and behavior. So how can you tell them apart?


Siberians and Maine Coons are considered big kitties, but they come in different sizes. Siberians are medium to large cats, weighing from 8 to 17 pounds. According to some breeders, the original Siberian cats weighed more, a trait that’s been diminished while developing the breed. Maine Coons, on the other hand, weigh from 10 to 22 pounds, with some individuals reaching heavier weights.

So there’s a clear weight gap between these two breeds. Also, there’s a difference between their lengths; Maine Coons are clear winners, as they are the world’s longest cats. But both breeds can get pretty large, a huge plus for people looking for big kitties. Maine Coons and Siberians take a long time to grow, up to 5 years.


Both breeds are designed to survive in cold climates. Maine Coons have double-layered coats, while Siberians have developed triple ones. Maine Coons’ coats should be smooth and silky, while the ones of Siberians can vary in texture from soft to coarse, depending on color. Also, Maine Coons’ coats should appear shaggy. Other than that, both cats have medium-long to long furs and heavy ruffs when mature. Their hair is uneven and should be shorter on the shoulders. Siberians’ stomachs and britches hair can have slight curls, even though this isn’t a rule.


While Maine Coons and Siberians come in most colors and patterns, Maine Coons can’t be pointed, like a Siamese. Also, they can’t be chocolate, lavender, or display Abyssinian-type ticked patterns. Siberians, on the other hand, come in all colors and patterns, including color points. In some countries, this variety is called Neva Masquerade. So if you have a pointed cat, it’s not a Maine Coon! And if you’re into color point patterns, go for Siberians!


Both breeds have pretty large ears, but Maine Coons’ ears are bigger. Lynx tips are highly desirable for Maine Coons, while for Siberians, not so much. That being said, not all Maine Coons have lynx tips, and that’s ok. Here’s something that might help identify them: Siberians tend to have short and thin hair over the back of the ear.


Both breeds have well-furnished tails, but they pose a significant difference. Siberians’ tails are medium in length, somewhat shorter than their bodies, and slightly blunt-ended. On the other hand, Maine Coons’ tails are long, at least the same length as their bodies.

Body Structure

Siberians should have medium-length barrel-shaped bodies, while Maine Coons should have long, rectangular ones. Both breeds, however, are muscular and broad-chested.


Both breeds should have open, alert, and expressive eyes. Siberians’ eyes are large and almost round, while Maine Coons’ eyes are large and slightly oval. However, they too look round when fully opened. Their eyes should be wide-set, and the ones of pointed Siberians can only be blue.

Head Shape

If you look closely, you’ll notice their heads aren’t as similar as they appear at first glance. First of all, the Maine Coon has high cheekbones, which gives him a bolder look. However, it’s pretty hard to notice the differences in cheekbone placement, so don’t exhaust yourself with this. The Maine Coon’s face is longer than a Siberian’s, which is visible even in the case of Siberian cats with powerful muzzles.


Both breeds are slow to mature and act like kittens for a long time. They also remain pretty playful as adults. Maine Coons and Siberians are both seen as gentle giants. They’re affectionate without being pushy, loyal, and love being near their humans at all times. Still, there is a catch. Maine Coons and Siberians alike can become mischievous if bored. They can learn to open drawers or can resort to chewing cables.

Both breeds have higher-than-average energy levels and are smart, so they need to be entertained. Make sure to take this into account if you want any of them. That being said, both breeds are docile and laid back, with Siberians possibly being a bit less docile than Maine Coons. Basically, these breeds are very similar in terms of temperament.


Both breeds are fluffy fellows, but their grooming needs are different, in theory. Maine Coons should have a smooth coat that is naturally dirt-repellant and not prone to forming mats. However, some individuals can have cottony fur, which is more prone to getting tangled. If you want a lower-maintenance Maine Coon, make sure to get one with a silky coat. Siberians’ texture, on the other hand, varies but is more prone to forming mats. So Siberians are typically higher maintenance than Maine Coons.


If you’re allergic to cats, you’re much more likely to tolerate living with a Siberian, as these cats are considered low allergenic. But if you’re allergic, make sure to spend some time with any cat before buying one. The same goes if you’ve never had contact with a cat before.

Health issues

Both breeds are, unfortunately, susceptible to developing HCM. Besides this, Siberians aren’t known for being prone to anything else. Maine Coons, on the other hand, can also suffer from other health conditions. If this topic is of high importance to you, it is advised to go for a Siberian.


Both breeds are pricy since breeders spend a lot trying to have healthy cats. Prices can be as high as 3000$ for a Maine Coon and 2000$ or more for a Siberian. Also, both breeds are easy to find in the US, judging by the number of existing catteries. If you want to pay a substantial amount of money for a cat, get one from a breeder. But if you can’t afford one, and even if you do, consider adopting. There are millions of cats looking for a forever home, and these cats are super cheap or even free, and they love you just as much!

Final Thoughts on Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat

Both breeds are fluffy, energetic, and intelligent, and their coats can be prone to forming mats. Being a bit smaller, Siberians need less space than Maine Coons, but not by much since they’re pretty active. Both cats are pretty pricey, which is to be expected from a pedigreed cat.

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